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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Yuvatha-2008(Telugu) PDVD RIP

part1  part2

Alt Links: part1  part2

Story Synopsis:
A US-aspiring Ajay (Ranadheer), a wanna-be police turned security man Kiran (Narasimha Uthkam), and an assistant film director Subbu (Subhash) are friends in Hyderabad trying to live their dreams. Veerababu a.k.a. Babu (Nikhil) joins them from Kesavaram village, where they were all childhood friends. Babu meets Vishalakshi a.k.a Baby (Aksha) in a strange situation, and very soon they fall in love. The friends, including Ajay's girl Madhavi (Monali Choudhry) and Baby, decide to pool up all sources for money for his surgery. They finally  the amount from a merciless goon (Narsing).

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