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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tashan-2008(Hindi) DVD RIP Eng Subs

part1 part2 part3
part4 part5 part6
part7 part8 part9
part10 part11 part12
part13 part14 part15
part16 part17 part18
part19 part20

Story Synopsis:
Anil Kapoor plays a very stylish mafia kinda’ villain called Bhaiyaji. Akshay Kumar works under him as the recovery agent Bachchan Pandey. Kareena Kapoor has borrowed a huge sum of money from Anil Kapoor and is not in a position to repay it back. Hence, Anil assigns Akshay the task of recovering money from her. And since Kareena keeps on globetrotting verbally as to the money is either kept in Ladakh, Jaisalmer and other such places, Akshay, in an attempt to recover the lent money, follows her all over and eventually gives in to the matters of the heart and ends up falling in love with her.

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