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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Company-2002(Hindi) Original DVD RIP

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Story Synopsis:
Company is about Chandu,Vivek Oberoi a young man raised in the slums by an encouraging and supporting mother,Seema Biswaswho desires a life of wealth and fame. He finds solace and friendship in Malik,Ajay Devgan, who introduces the boy to a life of crime. On their odyssey of crime and murder, the two men fall in love, Malik with the street-smart and spirited Saroja,Manisha Koirala while Chandu begins seeing Kannu,Antara Mali. The two buddies get rich quick and, before you can even blink, distance themselves from the life of Mumbai crime to Hong Kong, leaving behind associates and underlings to handle the dirty work. Life is roses overseas for Chandu, Malik and their respective others, until anger rips the bond of friendship between our two protagonists apart.

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