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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Nuvvu Nenu Prema-2007(Telugu) Original DVD RIP

part1 part2

Story Synopsis:
Vaishnavi (Jyothika) is a village belle. However, she is very modern in her thinking and wanted to marry a boy after falling in love with him. Vaishnavi marries Gautham (Suriya) arranged by her father. Though Gautham looked uninterested during the wedding ceremony, married life is'nt all that bad. They have a daughter and they move to Mumbai. Gautham gets a job in a big car company while Vaishnavi also goes for a job in another firm. One day, an engineer who works with Gautham insults him callling him a mechanic. Irked over his statemement, he takes him up on a challenge and prepares an engine design which gives more mileage on Indian roads. Gautham gets an opportunity to give a demo of the engine in the US. While Gautham is away from home, Vaishnavi happens to see an old diary written by Gautham, through which she learns that her husband was in love with another girl called Aishwarya (Bhoomika), the daughter of an MP (Costumes Krishna), when he was a student.

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