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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Blade Babji-2008(Telugu) PDVD RIP

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Story Synopsis:
Blade Babji (Allari Naresh) is a thief and lives in a slum in Rajamundry along with friends (Rithika, Harsha Vardhan and Khayyum). A builder asks the slumdwellers to vacate the land in three months or to pay the 4 crores. Blade Babji takes up the mission to earn Rs 4 Crores. He loots a  in Vizag and hides the money in a building under construction. A month later when comes to site it turns out be headquarters of Police Commissioner's office. He happens to meet a young guy named Krishna Manohar (Srinivas Reddy) who is about join the police commissioner's office as S.I. Blade Babji kidnaps him and joins the police force in his place. How Blade Babji recovers that money with comedy of errors forms the rest of story.

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