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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Quantum of Menace-2008(DVD RIP) HQ James Bond New Movie

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Story Synopsis:
The plot flows organically from "Casino Royale"t, and Quantum of Solace looks a far stronger picture for this rare continuity.Needless to say the plot is as forbidding as the title. After the death of his girlfriend, Vesper Lynd, at the end of Casino Royale, Bond mixes revenge and duty dangerously as he hunts down the shadowy group that blackmailed Lynd to betray him.A link to a bank account in Haiti puts Bond on the scent of Mathieu Amalric’s chief creep and ruthless businessman, Dominic Greene. All great Bond adversaries are generously blessed with kinks and quirks and Greene is no different. Amalric has a wonderfully wormy arrogance.His sidekick, Elvis (Anatole Taubman), sports a monkish fringe, and Tarantino bad looks. But it’s the manner in which Amalric manages to poison all trust in Bond, even from his nearest and dearest, that makes him one of the classic arch-adversaries.Cold rage threatens to derail Bond’s mission to crack Greene’s dastardly organisation known as Quantum

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