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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Keka-2008(Telugu) CAM RIP

part1  part2

Alt Links: part1  part2

Story Synopsis:
Arjun (Raja) is a student and he meets a young beauty Sujata (Ishana) in a village. Both of them hail from Hyderabad but they come to this village on holidays where their grand parents reside. After an incident, Sujata’s grandparents take to her to the city where her parents fix marriage with a rich guy Kiran (Anup) who happens to be Arjun’s best friend. Now all these three land in same college and love between Arjun and Sujata blossoms again. When Arjun tells Kiran that he is in love with Sujata, the latter readily sacrifices for their friendship. It doesn’t look as simple as that there is twist in the tale too. 

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