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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ready-2008(Telugu) Original DVD RIP

part1  part2  

Story Synopsis:
Chandu (Ram) is a young boy who grows up in a joint family. But his deed of helping his niece to elope with her lover and marry him, makes other family members miffed up. So the entire family decides to sideline him and so Chandu is kept away from all the family concerns.But as usual, due to the young age and hot blood, Chandu promises to help another friend of his, to unite him with his lover. In this processes accidentally he kidnaps Pooja (Genelia) by mistake. This accident of kidnapping Pooja turns into a sweet incident as Chandu starts admiring Pooja.Coming to the back ground of Pooja, she is a daughter of a rich NRI parents. But her uncle’s, which are the characters played by Kota and Jayaprakash are involved in a cat fight to make their sons’ marry Pooja in order to get her whole riches.So they are behind the hero and the heroine and then the chase begins.

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