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Friday, December 5, 2008

Raksha-2008(Telugu) DVD RIP

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Story Synopsis:
Rajeev (Jagapathi Babu) runs a construction company on his daughter's name Raksha (Neha Thota) and lives happyily with his wife Arthi (Kalyani), mother (Radhakumari), and his children Rahul (Master Atulith) and Raksha. The construction crew finds a stone with an embossed shape like Lord Ganesha. Despite the repeated insistence of Site Manager Shyam (Narsing Yadav), Rajeev declines the plea to build a temple there, since it'd change their construction plans totally. The site incharge Vinay (Subbaraju) once complains to Rajeev that the latter's close friend Venu (Rajeev Kanakala) and his wife Madhu (Sathya Krishnan) have been cheating the company. An enraged Rajeev kicks them out of his house and workplace. Strange happenings occur at Rajeev's home, and soon his daughter Raksha starts behaving strangely. Is it a case of black magic? Or, is it a psychiatric problem? Or, is it Lord Ganesha's anger? Did the atheist Rajeev heed to his mom and wife and consult black magicians for a solution? What did the doctors find about the girl?

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