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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Oh My God-2008(Hindi) DVD RIP

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Story Synopsis:
Rajendra Dubey (Pathak) is a simple salesman who has big dreams. Being an hardcore Dhiru Bhai Ambani fan, his biggest dream is to become like him but using ethical ways. He even carries with him brochures of a scheme that he believes will change his (and his investors’) fortunes forever. But the thing is there is simply no one who is interested in investing in it, except his boss (Harsh Chayya). Dubey’s sweet but frustrated wife Suman (Divya Dutta) begs before god to change their fortunes. God (Saurabh Shukla) obliges and thus begins a series of events where god tries his best to make Rajendra rich but with little success. As when Rajendra does finally get the one thing he’s been dreaming of, he has no idea of what to do. The rest of the film revolves around how Rajendra comes to terms with his obsession.

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