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Friday, October 24, 2008

Chirunavvutho-2000(Telugu) DVD RIP

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Alt Links: part1  part2

Story Synopsis:
Venu (Venu) is an orphan, who is brought up by his mama (Chandra Mohan). Venu's mama wants to marry him off with his daughter Aruna (Prema). Now Venu goes to the city to find a job by staying at a friend place. There he meets Sandhya (Shaheen), who is another happy-go-lucky girl. During the birthday bash of Sandhya, she announces that she is going to get married soon and introduces Pratap (Prakash Raj) as her fiancée. She feels that Venu is the best friend of her. But Venu, who has his own attitude and wisdom, refuses to marry her  Venu loves Sandhya. Sandhya Loves Venu too. Aruna, who eloped from the marriage hall, is back with Venu. The one who eloped with Aruna is none but Pratap. At the same time, Venu does not tell Sandhya that Pratap is the culprit. Will Venu marry Sandhya or he gets back to Aruna and marry her? 

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